We will find the right worker for you.


ValtaGroup aims to ensure a win-win situation for both the applicant and your company. The applicant must feel that they are making the right decision; that this exact assignment and job are correct for them. Similarly, your company must believe that the recruited employee is the most suitable one and was chosen on the right basis.

Throughout the recruitment process, we aim to ensure that the applicant knows that they are genuinely cared for and that we are interested in what the new assignment can give them. ValtaGroup does not abandon the applicants once they have been chosen for an assignment, but instead will continue to support them for as long and as far as possible. We can also provide coaching or training for the employee in accordance with our agreement.

In searching for applicants, we utilize various recruitment channels based on the situation and our agreement. We can also access various databases as we find the right professional for you.

Choose wisely and choose Valta when looking for a proficient recruitment specialist to help you. Successful recruitment takes three: an employee, ValtaGroup, and the employer.

Our high-quality service and genuine interest are the corner stones of our operation.

Each year, most of our employees become permanently employed by our client companies.

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