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In its activities, ValtaGroup aims to ensure results that are satisfactory to both the job seeker and the recruiting company.

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Our client companies are always searching for motivated professionals for permanent and fixed-term employment.
Also ask about apprenticeship opportunities.

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Our extensive range of services

Temporary employment

Does the number of employees required by your company vary? Temporary employment makes it easier to adapt to seasonal fluctuation and reduces the risks related to hiring employees.


We will leave no stone unturned to find the most suitable employees for your specific needs. Outsource your recruitment to professionals so you can focus on your core business activities.

Apprenticeship recruitment

Are you interested in training a new employee for your company through an apprenticeship? It is our job to help you find a suitable and motivated person to be trained.

Aptitude assessment

Find the right professionals. Help for selection and decision-making. The strengths and areas of development of the assessed candidate are highlighted during an aptitude assessment.


Investing in personnel management will always improve wellbeing at work. Committed employees provide a competitive edge to a company and are the most important resource of an organization.

Training and coaching

Training courses for management and supervision We customize the content of our training to meet your specific needs and combine more traditional training methods with functionality.

ValtaGroup for successful recruitment – get on board!

Our practical and active approach, endless willingness to provide a good service, and extensive networks are available to you.

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