Providing personnel for changing business operation needs.

Temporary employment

A well-handled temporary employment recruitment process creates a positive image of your organization to the applicants. At ValtaGroup, we care about the service experience provided by the process for both the applicants and you. As the client, you have access to our extensive database of applicants as well as the robust experience and competence of our recruitment specialist during the selection of personnel.

This allows you to verify the competence and cost-effectiveness of the chosen employee during the temporary employment and provides you savings in terms of both money and time. We will handle the administrative work for you.

In temporary employment, the employment contract is concluded between the employee and the recruitment agency. In turn, the agreement concluded between you and ValtaGroup allows you to utilize our services flexibly based on your specific needs.

If you want, under the agreement you can later recruit the temporary employee to your company. In fact, most temporary employees of ValtaGroup are employed permanently by the recruiting company in time.

A tremendously easy and carefree recruitment method.

ValtaGroup offers recruitment solutions. Choose wisely, choose Valta.

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