Recruitment may not always be easy and can instead pose on the most significant challenges companies face.

Make recruitment and HR management easier for your company through outsourcing

The recruitment process in itself is difficult, and success requires special expertise and time from the management of the company, whether pertaining to fixed term or permanent employment. Drawing up job advertisements, reviewing applications, conducting aptitude tests and interviews, and the various other activities required can be costly and take up a significant amount of time. And getting to know the applicant may be the most time-consuming part of the whole process. Anyone can read through a CV quickly and easily and the fact remains that CVs are often used as the basis for excessively quick decisions and selections.

At ValtaGroup, we want to be sure that the applicant is well-suited for organization and that they appreciate the management culture of your company. Finding the right person is just as important, if not more so, than their skill level at the time of recruitment.
ValtaGroup will handle all obligations and contributions pertaining to the recruitment and the employer’s responsibilities on your behalf. You only pay ValtaGroup based on the hours worked by the agency contract workers.

By outsourcing your recruitment and even just a part of your personnel to ValtaGroup, you can minimize the risks resulting from recruitment.

If you are not happy with abilities and skills of an agency contract worker, the replacement recruitment process will be carried out without additional cost to you. And on the other hand, if an agency contract worker proves highly competent and useful to your company, we can agree separately on transferring the worker to your employment after a certain period. This option motivates the worker and provides cost-efficiency for you.

Have you thought about outsourcing your HR management?

We can handle the outsourcing of your HR activities in a
comprehensive manner based on your wishes.

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