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Recruitment through apprenticeship

At ValtaGroup, we support students in finding the right apprenticeship position for them, while students are encouraged to be proactive and work independently in order to find an apprenticeship position and carefully prepare their CVs and applications, this may not always be easy. Herein lies the first issue for many students, as manual skills and writing ability may not always go hand in hand.

Finding a suitable apprenticeship position may also be quite difficult, as many companies are not able to offer such opportunities or lack the resources required for the paperwork and for supporting the student during the apprenticeship. This is where ValtaGroup steps in to help. We can interview and challenge the students, help them suitable apprenticeship positions, and support them in their employment during the apprenticeship period.

We work actively between the educational institution, the student, and the provider of the apprenticeship position, i.e. the client company.
After the apprenticeship period, we pay the wages of the graduated apprentice who is temporarily employed by the client company through ValtaGroup.

For the client company, apprenticeship through ValtaGroup offers a quick and easy solution as your time is not wasted on interviews or completing the necessary paperwork.

Let us work together to provide students the opportunity to find their careers at your company.

Recruitment through apprenticeship provides the exact right competence for the specific needs of your company.

Masses of potential but lacking the exact skills required?
Apprenticeship training can help you forward.

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