Multitalented recruitment and service specialist.

Despite our young age, we are a robust and reliable operator in the recruitment industry.

ValtaGroup is a service specialist.

We love serving people

We are able to see the big picture from the perspectives of the client, the employee, and the job seeker such that the decisions we make provide additional working life value for each party. We always stand by our service promise and seek to ensure continued cooperation.

Always ready to serve the employers, job seekers, and employees.

Introducing Hannele Könnömäki – an indisputable master of the recruitment industry and the founder of ValtaGroup

I started in the recruitment industry in 1997, so I guess you could call me an old hand of sorts in the industry.

What makes me qualified? Well, it is not my basic education or the schools I never finished as I was too eager to start working and earning money. Growing up in an entrepreneur family, raised by strong grandmothers and my own mother was the school that made me the woman I am – an entrepreneur.

Changes led to Valta
In 2012, I established a group of three companies including Yrityspalvelu Voima, Työpalvelu Voima, and Voima Rakentaminen. This company was very important to me, and only as the manager of the company did I really realize that I love this job and being an entrepreneur. The responsibility was immense, but I was surrounded by a well-functioning team that ensured our success. Our team at Voima was amazingly strong!

The times changed, we grew quickly, and received an offer that change the course of my life for a moment. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and my non-compete obligation resulting from the acquisition, nothing could change the fact that I want to continue in this line of work and keep pushing the recruitment industry forward with all of my heart. The need to serve and to listen to others is important to me.
The recruitment story is continuing. I am continuing from where I left off in the new ValtaGroup company I have created. I want the power to decide, the power to do good, and the power to take care of business in a manner that is beneficial to both companies and employees.


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