We can provide you customized, cost-effective training courses.

Training and coaching services at ValtaGroup

In our training we aim to ensure efficiency, which is why we combine traditional methods with functionality. We can provide customized training for management, supervision, and coping at work. Some training courses are formal, and some pertain to competence development or upskilling.

Training opportunities include short courses paid for by the employer, further training, and various vocational training courses completed while working.

Competence development can also be arranged as informal training, such as providing the opportunity to observe others and cooperate, which can provide valuable learning experiences. An open and constructive dialog, guiding the employee in the right direction from the start, and providing valuable feedback can help employees develop further in their work. These aspects should also be considered in day-to-day management.

At ValtaGroup, we pay attention to these issues together with our client companies and customize our training to meet your needs in a cost-effective manner. We can also discuss different methods of financing and help you with training subsidies. This allows us to discover new perspectives and solutions for new learning and sustained development.

We work together with professionals in the field and utilize inspiring instructors with relevant work and life experience.

Contact us and we can design a perfect training course for your personnel development needs or an empowering work ability promotion event, for example.

Training for management, supervision, and coping at work.

We cooperate with professionals in the field.

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