Satu Kivekäs

Sales and recruitment

I am a seasoned recruitment and HR professional.
Work has always played an important part in my life. Before the turn of the millennium, my family moved to Singapore on work assignment. Lounging by the pool got old pretty quick and I soon found myself working for the Embassy of Finland in Singapore. My personal worldview expanded quite significantly during the trip, and after we had returned to Finland I began working at Nokia Oyj. My career is HR management began in 2008 at Hermia.

After a rewarding period at Nokia, my HR work continued at Yrityspalvelu Voima with temporary employment and recruitment activities. The work proved fascinating, and I soon found that I greatly enjoyed working with clients and meeting applicants.

After many unforgettable experiences, I am still on that same path. Now we can continue from where we left off with Hannele Könnömäki, the founder of Yhteistyö Voima. At ValtaGroup, we join forces to serve our clients, employees, and job seekers with genuine care.

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