Olli-Pekka Niemitalo

Sales and recruitment

I was supposed to become a professional musician, but I took a different turn after hearing the song Pure Mua by Meiju Suvas.

I remember that morning in August 2004 when I started looking for a real job. I called my father and asked him what office equipment sales reps do. He replied by saying that that’s the last thing you should apply for. So, it was only natural that I sent in my application as soon as possible. Ever since 2004, I have worked in sales, because I also passed the interview. I got lucky, because my first employer really taught me the importance of being systematic, planning my work and having persistence. My luck in employers has stayed with me ever since!

From the start, I have considered work as a kind of play – if you have the chance to do meaningful things with interesting people, why not do that? Work has given me a busload of good friends, a long and rewarding journey into myself and a chance to learn something new every day. What has always fascinated me in customer work and management is people. And problems – they need to be solved!

I am excited about this opportunity to join in on building ValtaGroup, because our core mission is to find new opportunities for people,
so that they in turn can do meaningful things with interesting people.

Could ValtaGroup grow into a nation-wide player that truly puts people first? To quote my favourite thinker Esa Saarinen: perhaps, it is entirely possible!

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